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Going to Cuba

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We are two mexican going to Cuba, Varadero then Habana this end of June, is anyone going there too? any advice or recommendation? we are interested in scuba diving? :D :D :D


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    Cuba is no longer an exotic destination... there are loads of
    excellent guide books like Moon, Rough Guide, Lonely Planet,
    etc... there are several Internet forums/blogs that make it an
    easy place to research... the whole country is very safe and
    non-threatening... it has a very defined Gringo Trail with decent
    transport and accommodation options... tourist scams are simple
    and no big deal, almost to the point of being naively innocent
    (compared to many other developing countries)... if you're still
    nervous it's easy to have a local guide/resolver/travel agent give
    you a really nice comfort zone by setting you up with a
    semi-arranged itinerary so you're not completely on your own...

    For a first time visitor a guide book is by FAR your most
    important (and cheapest/easiest) investment to start your

    Have fun.


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