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edited May 2013 in Africa
hi I met someone online we started chatting and feeling became strnger. I live in U.S.A. and he does too but he said he was in Nigeria for a 4 week work contract. he needed help and asked me if I can provide my bank account number to have his salary deposited there after that I was supposed to take money from my account and send it to him using  money gram. the bank people called me to say a fake check deposit was found on my account and my account was to be closed and me not able to keep banking with them anymore or with other banks I told them I was not responsible... they said they made deposit by phone... I couldn't believe it tthey did investigation and I was found not responsible .. the guy said he didn know anything about it.. I sent money many times first 300 for transaction.. then for hotel charges then for ticket... finally he was coming back and same day his flight someone texted me saying he was a doctor and he had an accident on Abuja road to airport . he said he is in lagos university teaching hospital..i called hospital to verify nobody gives me any info I can hardly hear them what  can I do???? is there anyway I can verify this..??? he still talks to me on the phone and have not asked for any money I feel I can trust him but sometimes I feel scared... I was thinking of going there but probably no best thing to do????I know many of u will say how stupid I am but please I need advice pleaseeee


  • Hi Tita, in a nut shear leave that guy and don't trust him again. He is a fraudster. I'm a Nigerian and I know what we can do ok. But I want to sound this clear to you that all Nigerians are not fake we still the goods once, down to earth,caring and more. This is my email: [email protected] If you want him to tell you the truth, tell him u have a friend u will like him to visit to confirm his true identity. He will disappear.
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