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how do I extend my UK visa

i am in the uk for visit, but i want to ask if there is anything to do for me to stay in the Country, i kind of love the Country


  • The most straightforward (and legal) way is to get a job and apply for a work visa, although even this is not easy!
  • you mean i can't stay in the uk with my visa, i really like to stay here, even when the vis expired, just direct me on what to do
  • can i leave in UK with an expired visa?
  • You can try to stay on an expired visa, however if you're caught you may be deported and banned from returning.
  • too bad.... thank, risky and thanks
  • If your visa expires you have to leave. Its only in Canada u can stay and apply for a work permit.
  • Kenyui, there is no legal way for you to stay in the UK after your visit visa expires.

    Work permits are almost impossible and are applied for by employers, Priority for work is given to British people and EU citizens. Non Europeans have to meet the Points based system criteria and can only then fill positions in the shortage occupations list
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