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Necklace in nigeria

edited May 2013 in Africa
Evening all, I was wondering if anyone can help out. I have a friend travelling the world and she has got to nigeria, she has tried to et out of the country two times but has been checked stopped two times asking for a receipt for the necklace, the necklace was her mothers and is not cheap. Is this right for nigeria, do they check for in cases and is the only way of getting the necklace out of the country, to send this home?

Thanks for your help in advance all


  • That's ridiculous, I've never heard of someone being unable to leave a country with a personal item that they brought there. She should print out any old pictures she has of herself or her mother wearing it, and show it to the authorities who stop her. This all sounds very dodgy.
  • Anya, she never bought it there, she got in the country ok with it but could not leave as they want a recipt to prove this is hers!! Sounds dodgy to me as we'll, thanks for your help on the matter
  • FTD your friend needs to go the Embasy of her country and ask for assistance as soon as possible.

    Why would your friend be travelling with expensive item of jewellery?
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