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Japanese cities

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Which are the best cities to visit as a tourist in Japan? Obviously Tokyo is kind of obligatory but I would love some advice on which cities are the most worthwhile and why. I'll be going in about September if I do go and I'm particularly interested in destinations with great cultural attractions that also allow excursions into the countryside, which I've heard is very scenic. Is Hiroshima a good bet? Thanks! 


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    Hey Laurence,
    Tokyo is awesome and you should definitely spend a few days there just for the experience - you will probably land there anyway. The other two best cities in my opinion are Kyoto, for the best cultural and historical sightseeing in the country, and Hiroshima, which is not only a fascinating city (particularly if you're interested in the bombing) but is also situated in lovely countryside. If you want to go hiking in the area try the beautiful Sandankyo Gorge and the island of Miyajima.
  • Can anyone recommend more rural destinations? I've always been interested in hiking to out-of-the-way temples and shrines and I've heard that some of the islands in Japan have great trails...
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    To enjoy some rural scenic splendour in Japan head to Shikoku Island - the smallest of Japan's 'big 4' islands. Here you'll find beautiful mountainous landscapes dotted with ancient temples and castles, and plenty of opportunities for fun outdoor activities. The 88 Temples Pilgrimage Circuit is a magnificent route that loops the island. You can tackle it by bus, but those wanting to hike should note that the full route takes about 60 days!
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