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Areas to avoid in India for safety

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I am a woman planning to travel with several female friends to India next year and I would welcome some advice on safety concerns. Are there particular areas or destinations that are worth avoiding as a group of women or is it sufficient to just be wary and safety-conscious wherever we go? I've been told that public transport can be a problem for women so I'd appreciate some advice on how best to get around safely. Our itinerary is still very vague so general advice for travel in India is also welcome.


  • In terms of safety avoid getting out alone at night specially in quite areas. Go where lots of people are. Avoid wearing very short or too tight clothes. In terms of transportation try avoid local buses at late night if they are not full with people. Cabs will be much safer or 3 wheelers will be more safer. The best way is just go with your instinct & try avoiding anything that seems fishy.
  • I am from India and I see daily news coming about women harassment. There some places are known as bad for female person.
    On of is state called "Uttar Pradesh" (UP) another one is (Bihar).

    If you ask me what is good place for womens, I will say Maharashtra, Goa, MP, is good.
  • Iammega, unfortunately women are not safe in India In general. This is the latest report on safety and security from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

    "Women should use caution when travelling in India. Reported cases of sexual assault against women and young girls are increasing; recent sexual attacks against female visitors in tourist areas and cities show that foreign women are also at risk. British women have been the victims of sexual assault in Goa, Delhi, Bangalore and Rajasthan and women travellers often receive unwanted attention in the form of verbal and physical harassment by individuals or groups of men. Serious sexual attacks involving Polish, German and Danish women travellers have been reported so far in 2014. Women travellers should exercise caution when travelling in India even if they are travelling in a group.

    If you are a woman travelling in India you should respect local dress codes and customs and avoid isolated areas, including beaches, when alone at any time of day."

  • Hi Kahlan,
    It is good that you are at least travelling in a group. Although tourist areas are not always safe for women it is still definitely better to stick to the more travelled cities and regions - this will probably happen naturally as you plan your sightseeing itinerary. I know joining tours is not everybody's cup of tea, but I would suggest hiring a well-respected local guide. A guide will be able to advise you on where not to go and what not to do as a woman in India and will provide some protection for you from the touts that plague tourists at some of the big attractions etc. Be very wary of public transport, especially at night. Enjoy!
  • I'm from india, and i totally disappointing about alethia thought, few places like mumbai, delhi and utterpradesh are not safe for women travelling, but places like tamil nadu, kerala, bangalore are the perfect place to visit. in these states women can travel without any fear.
  • Saranavel, I am sorry you are disappointed by my post but if you read it again you will see that I was quoting from the latest report from the British Government on safety and security in India.
    These are comments are also reflected in other government reports such as Australia

    I have travelled in India but not for some time and its now a very different place.
  • I was planning a travel to India but I´m disappointed with the bad news I´ve read lately, I intended to travel alone and visit the hills, get some cities with temples and monasteries and to stay in a resort at Dehra Dun, in Uttarakhand, but unfortunately there is no tour group leaving my country (Brazil)  to this place, and I would have to get a connection in Delhi and alone. 

    Maybe I´ll have to give up of visiting India. Does someone have an information about this place I mentioned ? What about to contract a guide ?
    I thank in advance.  
  • I think this is not the right time to visit India. Because election is running in India. So i think best time to visit India after the election. Normally try to avoid Kashmir.
  • As you said you are going to a large group of females I don't think that you are going to face any kind of problem. my opinion is people who travel alone are easy targets for any danger. So make a well planned iternary where you want to go. if months back my friend came back from India she told me that she enjoyed and didn't face any problem at all. Opinion varies from person to person so there may be some people who might have faced some problems also, but my opinion based on my friends experience.
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    Hello everyone. I'm an Indian. I totally agree with Sannaphilips. As you are going along in a group, You don't have to worry about anything. Majority of these bad incidents happened when they traveled alone and also during the odd hours.Like Sanna rightly said opinions varies from person to person. I traveled in other countries, I also had bad impression about other countries. Later I realized that all my impressions were wrong. It depends upon the places,time and the people whom you visit. My advice is to travel in a group if possible, if not also no problem but be in day time.If you are staying in a hotel try to get travel arrangement from them. They will give you trusted people. Travel any where but @ night time stay in cities.If you have some friends in India connect with them. They can help you better.If you don't have anyone. Just let me know. Let me see what I can do.Don't worry I'm not a guide or neither a tour operator :-). I have my own job to do. World is so small its better to help each other. I like this community very much.This gives travelers a good idea about other country. Trust me India is a place where you will see lot of wonders. Don't give up your plan just for this. Enjoy your holidays. Go back to your country. I'm sure you will have good and sweet unforgettable memories in you life. You can share that with your all your friends and relatives. Happy Holidays...
  • Shouldn't be a problem when you are raveling in group
    Take precautionary measures  though.

    Yes, opinions vary from person to person. Tell us your story when you are back.
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     Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata. this all city have record for a lot of criminal case against woman. So, don't get outside at night at those city. 
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