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How long do you need for a vacation to Hong Kong?

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I am considering going to Hong Kong next year, but how much time to you need to see everything you want to see? I am the type of traveller that likes to see a lot and keep moving- I get a little impatient just sitting and relaxing, but I would probably see all the sights in Hong Kong, do some exploring around the city, take a day trip to Macau, and maybe take a day trip into mainland China. Would a week be enough, or would you recommend longer? Thanks.


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    It all depend which place you hav picked to visit and what's the distance between those places.When I had a trip to Hong Kong I was there for a week and I have visit almost every possible and most visiting place. So I think a week tour is enough. When I booked my vacation package from I checked the details which place are good your tourist and where can we go. That was a great help.
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