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Oklahoma City Tornado - does it affect travel?

edited May 2013 in - USA
For those who want information about the catastrophic tornado that ripped through Oklahoma City on Monday this post will be updated to keep you informed of developments in the city.

In the wake of a massive tornado 51 people in Oklahoma City have officially been declared dead, although the death toll is expected to rise to almost a hundred as bodies are discovered and processed. Hundreds of people have been hospitalised with injuries and rescue operations are underway to help those still trapped in rubble. At least 20 of those killed were children as two schools were devastated by the tornado, including Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore.

The suburb of Moore suffered the worst damage, with whole neighbourhoods destroyed as cars, homes, trees and shrubs were flattened by the storm. As the hospital in Moore has been seriously damaged the injured are being taken to three nearby medical facilities.

The two-mile-wide twister stayed on the ground for a full 45 minutes according to authorities.

Needless to say, many roads are piled high with debris and tens of thousands of households are without electricity, so travel and communication are seriously disrupted. The suburb of Moore had no running water overnight.

This thread will be updated as information about travel and safety in the area becomes available.


  • Thankfully, the death toll seems to have been exaggerated in news reports and official sources are now declaring that 24 people were killed in the tornado, including nine children.

    Rescue operations have ceased in Oklahoma City as no more bodies or survivors are expected to be found, and the city has begun its recovery process.

    The Federal Aviation Administration has temporarily stopped flights to and from Oklahoma City's Will Rogers International Airport until further notice, to allow rescue and recovery teams full access. There have been reports of delays at other US airports as a result. If you are set to travel to the US in the next few days confirm your flight status with the airline. 

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