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Schengen Area Visa and stamp explanation?

edited May 2013 in Europe
Hello All,

First of all, I'm a U.S. citizen and I was living in Belgium for a year with my boyfriend (Belgian) as my sponsor.  We had a big falling out and I surrendered my resident i.d. card before I left (for multiple reasons I won't go into now).  

We are still planning on having me visiting Belgium and the rest of the Schengen Area maybe some time later this year.

I am aware of the 90 days within 180 rule for the area.  Though, I am thinking that the number that lies after the date on my passport stamp states how many days I have left in the area?  

I initially visited for just short of 90 days and came back after 3 months.  When I entered in April 2012 it said 84.  As I was leaving April this year, I was given a stamp with a 75 after the date.  Does that mean I have 75 days left next time I come into the area?  How could I tell when my 180 days reset in this case?

I just want to make sure that we can plan another trip without getting into immigration trouble.  


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