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German travelling to Cuba

edited May 2013 in - Cuba
My partner is a German national and we are travelling to Cuba  (Havana) through Mexico.

He cannot find any reference to purchasing a Tourist Card for Germans outside of Germany.
Apologies for asking this question again, but will he be able to get a Tourist Card at the airport in Mexico City?

One other small point, how much time does one have to allow to get this Tourist Card? (This the answer to this question is also relevant for me as an Australian)
Is it available over the counter when boarding the flight to Havana, or should one plan to apply before leaving date.



  • No problems whatsoever purchasing it right at the airport. Everyone else
    on your flight will be doing the very same thing. You can't board the
    aircraft without it.

    No worries. Have fun.


  • ThanYou so much!
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