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Help Needed - Best Time to Travel Cape Town & Port Elizabeth

edited May 2013 in - South Africa
I am looking to book a holiday to visit Cape Town, The Garden Route Port Elizabeth and Shamwari.  Shamwari is to be the highlight of our trip. I have read so many differerent conflicting reviews on when is the best time to visit that I am completly confused. One report says go in Spring another says go in Autumn another says go February. One says it rains heavy in September and March another says go in March. Please any help would be greatly appreciated as have been saving for this trip for a long time. I know no one can predict our weather patterns these days but want to at least give it my best shot.



  • Hi Poppy,
    Your confusion is natural considering that the climate is different in Cape Town, along the Garden Route and in Shamwari, which will make it more difficult to decide on the best time of year to visit. South Africa is actually a year-round travel destination so your trip would probably be wonderful no matter when you came. My advice would be to travel any time between October and April (late spring, summer and early autumn in South Africa). You should get plenty of sun and heat all along your route and you can enjoy good game viewing and the beaches at this time of year. You might get a bit of rain but I doubt it will ruin anything. Enjoy! 
  • I would suggest avoiding December (which is high season), as the heat can be uncomfortable and local tourists are out in droves. Especially in Cape Town, you'll find everything crowded and prices at an annual high. For me, the best month to visit Cape Town is November!
  • If you visit only one place in South Africa, make it Cape Town. Whether you're partaking of the Capetonian inclination for alfresco fine dining (the so-called "Mother City" is home to many of the country's best restaurants) or sipping wine atop Table Mountain, you sense—correctly—that this is South Africa's most urbane, civilized city.
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