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Expired British Passport


Please can someone help. Don't know where to start.

My Mom has an old blue British passport, but this has expired quite a few years ago. The law regarding ancestory visa was changed in December saying that you did not have to go through your paternal grandfather but can go trough you Mom if born before 1983.

My Mom received her passport through her Dad, as her grandfather was was also British (Born in Beverley, 1848).

My question is can my Mom renew her passport, as all the relevant documentation was sent to England, so the records should be on file and could I then receive the ancestral visa.

Please can you help.



  • Your mother does not need to renew her passport for you to obtain an ancestry visa and it has always been possible to get one through either your maternal or paternal grandparent.  You only need to show proof that your grandparent was British born (their birth cert); that your mother is the child of that grandparent (her birth cert & marriage cert for name change on marriage); and that you are your mother's child (your birth cert).


    The rule change regarding 1983 and women relates to British citizenship and has nothing to do with ancestry visas.  Before 1983 only fathers could pass on citizenship to legitimate children but perversely you could always get an ancestry visa through the maternal line or if you were illegitimate.  Odd but true!

    If your mum wishes to renew her passport, she must book an interview at the Australia Post Office.


    She can get duplicate birth certs here.




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