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Greek island free camping

Hi everyone,

my boyfriend and I are looking to do some free camping on an island in Greece. A long time ago a Greek friend told me about this wonderful island he and his hippy friends used to visit in the summer where they camped freely in the wilderness (bringing their own food), bathed in thermal waters and clay, and visited waterfalls and virgin forests. (I know is sounds a bit fairy-tale like and slightly unreal but he showed me some amazing photos that confirmed it was just as amazing as he said!) Unfortunately I can't seem to remember the name of the island, only that it was quite difficult to reach (only 2 ferries a week) and that it had a great wooden chair perched on the top of a cliff...

I tried various google searches, but to no avail. Perhaps someone has been there or heard about this and can help us unravel the mystery of this magical island! Any other suggestions for free camping sites in remote islands in Greece are also much appreciated!!

Ta ;-)



  • Hi!

    Most probably the mystery island you are looking for is Samothraki..! What you have described you can find there. Its true its not so easy to get there as it is to other islands - u would have to travel to north greece ( dont know exactl where the ferry leaves from) whereas to most of the other islands you travel from Pireaus port in Athens where ferries usually are frequent. So yes thats your place! If you have the choice the best times to visit greece is.. Now until the end of june or beginning of july and then end of august and september! Now that you have the name of the island you could check further details of how to get there etc. Samothraki is also known for a trabce festival every summer so if you are there while its on keep in mind that the police raid the campers in search of...drugs.
    About other places in Greece for free camping i could recommend some dont forget that because it is not  legal, things adn situations may change and you could have the local police coming and telling u to leave or arriving at an isalnd and finding out that its no more allowed...however not so likely.. Sometimes it has happened in Samothraki too. So just bare it in mind if you like, but obviously dont cancel your free camping trip to Greece!
    Islands for free camping are Nisyros, Anafi, Donousa, Gavdos (small island nearest to African coast), some beaches in Mytilini. There are other places but these are what come to mind at the moment. All the above are well known places for free camping and some may get very busy in the peak season (mid july-mid august), but in general Greece has sooo manyy beaches on the islands and on the mainland that you could find a place anywhere and be totally alone as long as someone doesnt spot you...if u know what i mean.
    In any case there are numerous organized campsites, just in case...

    So i hope u have a great time and just let me know if u need some more info.

    By the way, i am from Greece and love free camping here...
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