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has Brazil always been an expensive country?

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Has Brazil always been an expensive country for tourists, or has it only been like that since the beginning of the economic boom there ten or so years ago?  In other words, was it a cheap(er) place before that for tourists?


  • You'll generally find prices going up in any country that is gaining popularity with tourists. This is one of the trade-offs you make as a traveller for good services and infrastructure.
  • Yes nowasday here in Brazil the prices for Hotels, Meals and etc are very very expensive (more than Tokyo or NY)...because the World Cup and The Olimpic Games.

    Just to have an idea:

    Hotels in RJ (1 or 2 stars): around US$ 150/night 
    Ticket from SAO PAULO -> RIO: around US$ 500
    Meals in RJ or SP: around 50 / couple

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    The Brazilian Real currency has been depreciating about 25% in 2013.
    So it would be unfair to say Brazil is expensive to travel.
    A euro for example makes for 3.19R$ these days.
    Meals here in Salvador at noon between 10 and 20R$ per person, a decent pousada starting at 175R$ for 2 inclusive breakfast.
    Greetz from Salvador da Bahia
  • Prices in Brazil are bound to rise over the next few years because the country is hosting the soccer world cup in 2014, and the Olympics in 2016, which will mean that accommodation prices will go up due to demand, and restaurants etc. will become more expensive. Prices may drop again after these international events, but often they don't.
  • I think Ella Johnson is right that this may be happened because of the world cup. And tourist places are always expensive. 
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    yes prices are high in Brazil but there are other countries too which are expensive then Brazil as those which comes in popular there prices is high.
  • I do not understand people saying that Brazilian pricing is "high" ...
    I have lunch here in Salvador for somewhere between 4 and 7euro (comparable plates in France, Belgium, Spain, ... cost at least the triple)
    A night in a decent hotel/pousada can be found for around 50euro.
    Busfares in the city cost about an euro
    Etc ...
    Maybe it is expensive if you compare to Thailand ... yeap, but that's comparing apples with pears ;-)
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