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Vietnam & Cambodia - Best ways to travel.

edited May 2013 in India and Asia
Hello everyone,

I'm embarking on a 5 week trip covering Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and hopefully Laos. I'm looking for some advice on the best way to travel around Vietnam and Cambodia, as it's a little more off the beaten track I am wondering whether it will be difficult to navigate?

I am thinking of starting this leg of the trip in southern Vietnam and making my up from there. Judging from a number of older posts, I have gathered that there is no way to travel across the gulf from the southern islands of Thailand. A little inconvenient to have to go back up to Bangkok, however in the scheme of things I'm sure it wont be too much hassle. 

If anyone could highlight any advisable forms of transport, and maybe some must-see sights along the way I'd very much appreciate it! 

Thanks in advance!



  • I'm sure this is a bit late for Jake, but for others venturing out in this region, transport is something which needs to be carefully considered. The monsoon season, June to October in Cambodia, can flood roads and make for really muddy travel, but even in the dry season the dusty roads can be problematic, especially off the beaten track. Within the cities tuk-tuks are very popular and cheap. Be sure to check up on the specific laws before travelling: I know that in Cambodia for instance, it is illegal for tourists to rent motorcycles and scooters; a measure put in place due to the disturbingly high accident rate involving foreigners on Cambodian roads. This rule may no longer apply but thorough research needs to be done. Hiring a scooter is a really popular option in Vietnam on the other hand, but bear in mind that getting around can be extremely stressful and hiring your own vehicle should only be attempted by experienced drivers. There are long-distance buses and some of these are very useful, but do some research beforehand into reputable companies as accident rates are high. 
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