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White water rafting and kayaking destinations

edited May 2013 in World Wide
Hi guys,
I'm seeking out the perfect holiday destination for my boyfriend and I. The main requirement is great white water: he is an experienced kayaker and we both enjoy commercial rafting so I'm hoping to go somewhere where there is fun rafting we can do together and exciting technical kayaking opportunities for him, including some waterfalls. Can anybody advise me on where we should go? Obviously I'd like it to be an awesome travel destination apart from the white water too...


  • The Zambezi River boasts some of the best commercial white water rafting in the world and can be accessed from either Zimbabwe or Zambia, both of which are exciting travel destinations. I have no doubt that your boyfriend will find the big volume water both challenging and fun. Otherwise, have a look at Chile and the rivers there, which also have a lot to offer!
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