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How safe is Kuwait?



  • Hi!! I understand kuwait is safe place. What about wearing dreadlocks and tattoo?
  • Am a Nigerian and would want to get a Kuwaiti residence visa to enable me settle and look for job there.And secondly am an accounting graduate and also have OSHA certificates,would it be easier for me to secure a job in kuwait?And how much would it cost me to get a residence work visa?
  • You cannot obtain a residency visa until you have been granted a work permit. Work permits are issued only on the basis of a genuine job offer and it is the Kuwaiti employer who applies and pays for the work permit and residency visa.
  • Kuwait is fine, no terrorist originizations get into there and that was
    the main US base that we deployed our Baghdad invasion from. that place
    is protected all the time. unless he gets deployed from there you have
    nothing to worry about.
  • how about for those people who will apply as a maid , ive heard a lot of bad things .. they do not give salary sometimes they wont let eat the maids that was horrible right .. now tell me how safe it is specially for those maids , try to work hard for their but then they experienced those types of harassment
  • How is life in Kuwait city for Indian expats.My husband has got an job offer with a very big pay package in Kuwait city.Its just that we are sceptical moving thinking about the safety and  life in general .I want to know how it is to work and live in Kuwait with a family.What is the life for a working woman out in Kuwait city?
  • I have been offered a job in Kuwait. Kindly let me know the following :

    1. Whats the amount i would spend on rent if i were to rent a i bedroom apartment( non - furished) ?
    2. Are expat women allowed to work ?
    3. Is 800 Dinar a good enough salary to lead a good life for 2 people ?
    4. How safe is the country for expatriates ?
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    Devakumarsd, what country are you from and what job have you been offered.
  • Jensendrake2 very romantic, you have obviously never lived and worked in the Gulf states.
  • So Jensen... Kuwait has gone from "just about crime free" to lots of crime and threat of terrorist attacks in two small posts? Haha...

    Thanks for the chuckle.

  • my wife is going job for palace so it's safe or not
  • @chetan3972 which palace are you talking about? And what is your nationality?
  • kuwait palace
    my wife is indian i m also
  • Are you talking about the Kuwait Palace Hotel or the Kuwait palace conference centre known as the Amiri Diwan.
  • kings palace job
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    Kuwait has a very low level of crime. According to the Indian ministry of external affairs, there are around 680,00 Indians living in Kuwait.
    The Bayan Palace in the Amiri Diwan is the home of the Amir (king) of Kuwait and the centre of Kuwaiti government. Because of this there are high levels of security in the Amiri Diwan for those who live and work there.
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    I am looking for Australian or Canada work permit visa. Please help me
  • Kuwait is much safer 3 of my family members are there.
  • Hello may I know is it safe for a Asian Chinese work in kuwait? My husband get an offer in kuwait and a bit concern about the safety (ISIS???)... Please help.. Many thanks
  • If Kuwait is a safe place to live how come the Africans are been abusing daily African American and l never see that in united states. .l hv a cousins travel to kutwait from Ghana and they been abuse badly one kutwaiti she live with say she will kill her..ask am talkin now they hv luck a place and they dt want to gv them thir passport to go back to their country..alot of but thins they been doing to the blacks there....special the house help.....l will advise people should not go to any Arab trying hard to get my ppl out from house help hv get kill she dro her from the windows. Is not a safe place at all....they think if u are black u are slaves. ..
  • Jklboat, as an African-American your usage of the English language is appalling, we do not use text speak on this forum.

    The majority of domestic servants in Kuwait are from the Phillipines, India, Sri Lankan, Nepal and Indonesia. Africans are not the first choice of servant anywhere in the Gulf states, Saudi Arabia etc.

    In 2013 a Ghanain man was found guilty by a court in Accra Ghana of trafficking mostly women to Kuwait., all the victims were returned safely to Ghana.

    Kuwait is not a bad place to live, the U.S. Department of State assesses the current threat level for crime to be “Low " the British government agrees.

    Your advice not to go to any Arab country is utter nonsense, I spent many years working in Arab states which were perfectly safe, Kuwait being one of them.
  • See I am pharmacist by profession and I am think of doing job as a pharmacist in Kuwait for 10-15 years ....what's demand of pharmacist in kuwati and is it save to work there?
  • You need to search on line for sites like this
    Kuwait is perfectly safe country to work you can read threads on this site and search for more information on line
  • I saw Kuwait is very safe! My dad went to Kuwait City for a business trip and he loved it! He said it has the best mall of the Middle East! I want to go to Kuwait! And like this guy already said, you can be any race or skin color or religion to get in! Its not like Iraq at all! It is very safe! Like Texas!

  • Hi.good citizens of Kuwait am so happy to go through some of de comment.i.m a young good looking guy. Planning to travel to Kuwait to start up a new life over there.with my profession of computer engineering will I get a job of my profession over there.
  • Hi I am a Filipina .. Planning to work there in kuwait. As a waitress ..Im just a little nervous. How safe a woman there? It is safe there ? How they treat a women there?
  • Why apply to work in a country where you do not think you will be safe or know nothing of the life. The crime rate is very low in Kuwait unlike the Pbillipines. Women in general are very safe. 60% of Kuwaits population are expatriates.
  • I am sudhir sharma have got offer letter from a hotel jumeriah messilah beach and spa kuwait as a waiter..i am an indian have done in hotel month i m coming to kuwait...i have got accomodation, medical and transport provided by hotel is the area where the hot
  • How is the area where the hotel is situated and how would be the accommodation provided by jumeriah hotel....25th October 2015 m coming ...
  • miss alethia plzzzzz give me your opinion
  • You can Google the hotel just like me

    This hotel is in Salwa near the sea a residential area of Kuwait . Kuwait City is 10 miles away. I have no idea what the staff acomodation will be like. Surely this is a question you ask when you are offered the job
  • Miss alethia ...thanks soo much ...u r very good....
  • I really like the way u give answer...I want to meet u in Kuwait...
  • I'm looking at working in Kuwait ..can anyone advise me on the cost of a 1 bedroom apartment please ?
  • To buy? To rent?

    In any case simply put "real estate in Kuwait" into Google and you have lots of choices for your research.

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    Alethia I am so happy to read some of the comments here, I most especially want to say thank you for all your response to people's comments, please kindly let me know if I can get well paid job in Kuwait as a makeup artist, pedicurist, manicurist, or in a beauty a beauty palace.
  • hi everyone
    i am orthopedic surgeon doing private practice in india,i have been offered job in ahmadi hospital in ahmadi,kuwat....i want to move with my wife and 5 year old son..little worried about safety and job stability...please give your opinion....thnaks
  • @drkalpeshtank I suggest you seek advice here
    this is the portal for Indian expatriates in Kuwait. They can give your more advice than any one here.
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