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Do You know Good Night Safari in Singapore?

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Hi Folks....Can you please help me to know more about night safari in singapore...please help me .



  • Night Safari is one of the most popular attractions in Singapore. It's the world's first nocturnal zoo, giving visitors the chance to see those animals in action. I haven't been there, but it sounds wonderful!
  • It is great. You can take a taxi and purchase tickets at the door or join a tour that includes dinner.


  • Night Safari is the World,s first Nocturnal zoo.Its really an amusement place.You can get ticket by saling your taxi and its a very typical type of zoo.All the animals are in full action and their behaviors are different as we see in our daily life.There are about 120 species of animals and its an interesting place for the biologists and wild photographers.I like that place also.
  • The Night Safaris is a great tourist attraction as there are many exciting things to do there. The wildlife is diverse. If looking for a place to stay, do think of St. Regis Singapore.
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    Night Safari, Singapore: It is a Attraction Experience, is the world's first tour of its kind.The Singapore Night Safari is a flash-free park, to protect the ... Accept that you won't get any good pictures, and just go for the experience.
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    Wow, great to know about night safari. I was not knowing anything about this, I always knew about desert safari in Dubai but never about night safari in Singapore.
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    If you are interested in experiencing nocturnal animals, the Singapore Night Safari Park is the perfect place for you. The night safari park opens after 6PM. The park is spread around an area of 40 hectares and houses more than 2500 animals. The best thing is you would get to see their animals in their natural setting.
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