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Malaria issue in Southern Africa.

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Hallo everyone,
I am planning a trip to Zambia and the bordering countries (Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe) and I have a concern about malaria!
The Center for Vaccinations in Greece said that I could take the anti-malarial pill for up to 3 months.. although such a long time may very well cause liver problems. Apparently, the normal period of taking the pill would be 1 month. But  my wish is to stay for a good 6 month in Southern Africa!
So, how can I protect myself if the pills are only to be taken for such a short period of time?  Are there any areas in these countries which are free from malaria disease? Any help greatly appreciated!


  • Hi Cristi, 
    Obviously the most important advice to be listening to is your doctors but I can tell you that many people choose to take the malaria pills for a few months despite the potential liver damage - it's a personal choice. Equally, many long-term travellers opt not to take the pills at all (they don't agree with everybody) and just take other precautions. Perhaps you should take the pills for the first month or two you are travelling, take a break during which you are very careful (always sleep with mosquito nets, use anti-mosquito coils and plenty of mosquito repellent, and wear long sleeves etc) before resuming taking the pills for the last month or two. Or, even better, find out where the risk is greatest and take the tablets when you are most at risk. I have travelled fairly extensively in southern Africa without taking the tablets and have never contracted the disease. It is very important to know the symptoms so that if you do get malaria you can seek immediate help and get it sorted out before you get seriously sick.
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    Thank you Ella for all the information! I kind of got the picture of the situation. However i wouldnt opt for not taking the pills, it seems a scary option to me. I will follow your advice, I very much appreciate your help! 
  • Kids takingMedication any side affects?
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