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5-hour London layover

I've got a five-hour layover in London Heathrow airport coming up as part of a long-haul transcontinental trip... is that enough time to leave the airport? I don't want to chance missing my connection, but I'm also not very excited to sit around by myself in Heathrow for five hours. How long a layover do you realistically need go into London? I'm on an American passport so I don't need a visa. Also, if it is enough time, what's the most convenient way of getting into the London?


  • I'm not sure how feasible it is to go into London with so little time, I think it depends how long it takes you to clear customs. Here's some good airport info on London Heathrow though, including transport to the city and things to do if you decide to hang around.
  • Hi - there is little chance you will have time to get into central London in that time, the airport is a good 40 mins away. But you could try going to Windsor, which is close by and have a look around the castle. Otherwise just enjoy your layover in heathrow airport. Most terminals - in particular terminal 5 - are very civilised and have great shops and restaurants....
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