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Archaeological Paths

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Has anyone traveled with this Polish company to Egypt?


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    Don't forget to visit Abu Simbe and valley of the kings I like these places a lot and found them quite interesting.
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    I wanted to share my impressionon the tour with Archeological Paths - have been so busy after my return, I couldn't do it before. It was my 3rd time in Egypt - and it was definitely the best. I had a great time, especially that this time I really got to see A LOT. Before, when I was in Egypt in 2009, it was impossible to go to such amazing places that normally are closed for public. The two other companies I've joined before did not offer a half of what we did this time. I remember asking about Nefertari tomb our tour guide on my previous visit to the Valley of the Queens and she said there is absolutely no option to get a permission to enter. But Archeological paths did do it for us and I've never seen anything like it. If you ever have a chance, go there! A couple of other things:

    1)GUIDES: The choice of guides was inspired as well - they really knew what they were talking about and this was an in-depth sightseeing really. We had time to ask them additional questions and what they told us really put into bigger perspective what Dr. Hawass was talking about later in his lectures.

    2) DR. ZAHI HAWASS: I have been to one lecture by Dr. Hawass in US before and no one could even get near him, so having time to ask him questions personally and listen to what he has to say about current excavations was really something! He spent lots of time with us!

    3) The PRICE: I consider the tour totally worth the price, because I really can compare it with my previous experiences of other companies and tours and there was nothing like it before, I was amazed at how much we managed to see in two weeks and still we had one or two more relaxing days in the middle on the Nile. And the price included not only all this sightseeing, but also the best hotel you can get in Egypt really and the nice cruise ship with delicious food and nice crew. Thank you very much, Archaeological Paths!

    Joan Walsch

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