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Northern Mozambique

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I have travelled in southern Mozambique (drove up from South Africa) and absolutely loved it, but I'm wondering if the north of the country is worth exploring? Is it difficult to get up there? Are there worthwhile attractions and beach resorts or is it undeveloped? I have heard that the north is becoming increasingly popular but I don't really know what it has to offer... and what is the best way to get there? Any advice appreciated!


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    Hi Mike,
    Northern Mozambique is less developed than the popular southern hotspots like Bazaruto, Inhambane and Ponta d'Ouro but it is rapidly being 'discovered' by tourists and infrastructure is fast being developed. Both Beira and Pemba are becoming travel hubs and gateways to the north. There is even an international airport at Beira. Travel by road may require a 4x4 vehicle, and there are some relatively unexplored protected wilderness areas, like the enormous Niassa National Park, to investigate. If you're looking for a beach holiday, the Quirimbas Archipelago is a stunning and unspoiled chain of islands with some epic scuba diving and fishing opportunities. You can reach the islands by boat from Pemba. Check out this guide, which has great ideas on what to do in Northern Mozambique.
  • HI Mike - I have not driven up through Mozambique but have been to the Vamizi in the Quirimbas Islands a couple of times. The Quirimbas are right up in the north and have some of the best beaches and conditions in the country. They are certainly the most remote and unspoilt as they are miles from South Africa and not that easy to get to from Europe - you fly via Dar es Salaam and get a charter plane from there. Diving and deeps sea fishing are both world class but the hotels are not for the budget conscious. 
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