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Attitudes to female tourists in Tunisia?

edited June 2013 in - Tunisia
Me and my boyfriend are looking to come to Tunisia about this time next year, booking at the end of this month. My initial reason for seeking advice was this rumour that unmarried couples cannot share a hotel room, but after reading the responses to those questions I feel reassured. My concern now is how they react to women with blonde hair? I toured Egypt a few years ago and whilst the people of Luxor and Aswan were courteous and friendly I found it a very different and almost hostile experience in Cairo, mainly because of my hair. I've had problems in Greece before as well. I'm happy to dye my hair a darker colour as I change it a lot anyway, I just wondered if it would be necessary? Also, what is the response to tattoos? I have a lot of tattoos and whilst I have never had any negative responses in most countries (in fact, I had a lot of positive comments in Greece a few weeks ago) I returned to Egypt with black hair and still found Cairo very intense with local men touching my tattoos and attempting to pull me towards them. I don't know any young, blonde, tattooed women who have been to Tunisia (I know two married 50 year old brunettes but that's all!) so I'd just like some advice? I always dress modestly in a Muslim country of course, but this is also the first time I will be visiting a Muslim country with my boyfriend rather than my parents, so I wondered if that would make a difference in the response to my appearance too?


  • Be aware of how forward some Tunisian men can be, especially towards fair skinned blonde women. They can be upfront and disrespectful in their approach. I certainly would not change my hair colour.
    Learn some basic Arabic so you can be stern and shoo them away.
    I have no idea about the tattoos just dress modestly out side of the hotel environs

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