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More than one Eastern European Visa

edited June 2013 in - Eastern Europe
Hi, I'm a South African national living in Aberdeen, Scotland this year. 
I would love to see Eastern Europe this summer (I'm thinking Croatia and Bosnia atm) but getting to the embassies is quite difficult. Is it possible to apply for more than one visa in one go at one embassy to save me the hassle of multiple trips down to London?


  • Idk how it goes for someone in Scotland, but here in Philippines, you gota apply for a Schengen Visa (you can travel to EU countries using this one kind of visa).. But, Bosnia isn't part of EU but you can still enter their country for a maximum of 7 day stay through a Schengen Visa. Idk for Croatia, though. You can drop by at one of the embassies of the countries you'll be visiting in E.Europe there in Scotland (it must be an EU country) and ask how to apply for a Schengen Visa. 
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