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Is it easy to invite online boyfriend to visit australia

edited June 2013 in Visa and Passport
I have known my pakistani boyfriend who lives in Saudi arabia for 11 months. We are very much in love and now we want to meet in person. I would like to invite him to visit me here but i dont know how much of a chance is there in him getting a visa to Australia. I cant travel to Saudi Arabia as single women arent allowed to travel to Saudi. We are considering either him coming here or i go and meet him in another arabian country close to Saudi where women are allowed to travel alone. I would love to hear from someone who has been in a similar situation. I definitely didnt go looking for love online, we just had a chance meeting in a skype conference and got chatting and found we had a lot in common and thats how we got to know each other and after a month of friendship it blossomed into something more romantic and sweet.
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