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Real Nigerian online dating

edited July 2013 in Africa
am really feeling real down now ,would have cried if I was still a kid.i am a Nigerian based in southafrica,i got a lady online she is from Australia,we hv been dating long time,i send her gifts once in every month,i hv neva asked her for money or complained,she wants me to come to Australia bt it wnt be dt easy as it could be for her to com here.i told her to com to southafrica so we could marry n she can go bak with the documents,i promised to pay her flight I am scared cus if she read all dis stories about Nigerian I will loose her.pls my fellow Nigerians les stop dis scams pls:'( pls am lookin for an Australian woman married to a Nigerian man to help me pls


  • Do not worry, if she loves you truly then you are not going to loose her, and if she left you for such things you need not to worry. 
  • Don't worry now that I read your post I am the opposite an american woman dating a nigerian man and all i get is terrible news about Nigerians everyday and be careful just don't worry if she truly loves you she will come through.
  • Ayisaflower if you have never been outside the US how do you date you Nigerian man on line or is he living in the US?
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