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What area is actually Tuscany?

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We want to stay in a villa in Tuscany and travel around. Where should we be looking?


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    Hi Iris,

    Try these websites:

    Or if you were meaning where is Tuscany located, it is the region around Florence in the north of Italy

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    Hello Iris,

    Florence is the capital of Tuscany. Other important cities are Siena, Pisa, Arezzo, Pistoia, Lucca, Livorno, Grosseto, Massa Carrara.
    In Siena there is the beautiful Piazza del Campo. In Florence there are the fifteenth-century shops on the Ponte Vecchio. Pisa has the Campo dei Miracoli, with the famous Leaning Tower.

    Check out the vacation homes/Villas in Tuscany here:

    Have a great vacation!
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    Got only 9days for Italy in mid-April, where would be the perfect places to go?
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    if you have not found a villa yet, I would be happy to help you out.
    I am a travel consultant for italy and know Tuscany very well.
    I can help you find the right property and location depending on what you want to do. if you are interested send me an email [email protected]
    let me know when you will be in Italy.
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    I will be staying outside Montepulciano for 5 days, have rental car. Where can I find information on day trips to wineries and other sites of interest. I will go to Siena one day.
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    I will attend a cooking class in Tuscany. I plan to stay at the hotel. Are villas more expensive than a hotel? For a week or two? The area is Pistoria. A Tuscany Cooking experience. Is Florence real far from this places. I know I will come into Florence from the airport. How far is Pistoria from Florence?
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    My e-mail is [email protected]
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    if you want to stay in Tuscany and travel around, my suggestion is to look for something in the Chianti area or surrounding Siena, Sinalunga, Montepulciano, Foiano della Chiana, Cortona
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    I'm traveling to Italy in a few weeks. I've had people tell me that the prices are high there and that the Taxi's and vendors will try to rip off Americans. Is this true? Is it a barter system in Italy and how do
    I not offend anyone if there is a barter system? I didn't get my Rosetta Stone to learn the basics of the language yet, will it be hard to communicate when asking for directions or for information?

    Thank you for any advice!
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