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Jordan visa from Overland arrival

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Your site says that one can get a visa apon arriving by air in Jordan. What if one arrives overland, can you get a visa at the border?


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    If you are arriving from Israel and thru the Allenby Bridge into Jordan you will need a visa prior to arrival from the Embassy.
    If you come in from Eilat or Sheik Hussein bridge then you can get a visa upon arrival. Also when arriving via plane you can visa at the airport -
    Only crossing Allenby Bridge no visa
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    Thank you Rita

    I am arriving from Saudi Arabia by car and do not know the name of the border post. Do you ? Can I get a visa there?
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    Yes you can get it at the border not a problem.
    Have a great trip
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    Hi Rita
    Many thanks for your advice
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    Dear Hans,

    I am reading here that you were by car in Saudi Arabia in May. How did you come in Saudi Arabia by car? Did you have a transit visa? How to arrange this?
    Next year we would like to drive from Oman back to Holland through UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan etc. I hope you have soms usefull tips.
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    My friend and I will be travelling to Syria by car from Beirut. We are both Australians, can we get a visa at the Syrian/Lebanese border? We then want to travel through Syria to Jordan also by car or bus, can we also get a visa at the border for Jordan? We only have approx dates that we will arrive into Beirut on the 24th September and then will leave around the 29th September into Syria and around the 3rd October into Jordan.
    Many thanks for your help.
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    Hi Nienie
    We were not yet in Jordan. We plan to drive from Cape Town to Amsterdam (in April/May next year) via o.a. Sudan were we wil cross the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia and than drive on to Jordan, Syria etc.
    I heard from people who did the same trip that you cannot get a visa for Saudi if you don't have a visa for the next country you want to visit (in our case Jordan). They want to make sure that you are leaving the country.
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    Hello Hans,
    Thanks for your reaction. That's what we also heard from people coming from Sudan. We can't find stories yet of crossing the Saudi border from the UAE. But we are now trying to find out how to arrange the Jordan visa in advance. Have fun preparing your trip!!
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    I need somebody to advice if national of Nigeria can get Jordan visa on arrival at the airport. I can find Jordan embassy in Nigeria.


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    Waheed - you will need to organise your visa prior to your arrival into Jordan. there is no embassy in Nigeria, however, you should contact the Embassy in a neighbouring country to get this. there are embassies in Sudan, Pretoria. i am sure they can assist you.
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    Im processing my Jordan Visa now hopefully will be leaving this month or by late feburuary,My boyfriend who's in Dubai right now,his planning to visit me in Jordan,Is he need a Jordan Visa for that or upon arriving in the Airport he can get that?And is there any way to by bus from Dubai to Jordan well just to experience backpacking? Im so excited for him for that, just give me advice pls...
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    you can contact us via [email protected]
    we are travel agent in Jordan and have good experience in tourism
    best regards,
    sales Department
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    Madel - you don't say what passport your b/f is travelling on. the issue of his visa will very much depend on this. Bus from Dubai to Jordan??? Do you have any idea of the distance to be covered? If it could be done (and I doubt this due to borders etc) then it would take a very long time. there is much desert to be covered and backpacking just isn't an option I'm afraid. Flights from Dubai to Jordan are frequent, take approx 3 or 4 hours and can be quite cheap.
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    am a nigeria citizen and i live in nigeria, i need jordan tourist visa to enter jordan, can anybody help me to get jordan visa, my email, [email protected], i will be glad to hear back,
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    Hi PPl

    I planning to go to Saudi Arabia from The UK via road. Ive been told that Saudi arabia will not allow my Uk car in to the SA is this true or what is the procedure to get my car in to Saudi Arabia?
    Please Help.
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    please where is jordan embassy in nigeria. i need to apply for a visa.
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    Ronny - there is no Embassy of Jordan in Nigeria. Which passport do you travel on as you may be eligible for visa on arrival. If not, then you need to contact the embassy in a neighbouring country for your pre-arrival visa
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    hi.. i apply 3 weeks ago for a visa to jordan embassy im currently working in doha qatar, i am philippine passport.... but until now i didnt get it, and i keep calling them, theyre just keep telling me that my papers still in jordan for approval,. Is there any way to get the visa easily... i will jst stay there for about 3-4 days... can some one advise me what to do...


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    Is it possible to get a visa thru hotel? please advise.

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    Mika - you cannot get a visa for Jordan through a hotel. You need to call the Jordan embassy again and find out what is the hold up although sometimes it can take some time.
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    I am Pakistani living and working in Saudi Arabia, want to visit jordan, can I get visa on arrival if I come by car.
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    I am indian , leaving in india. Can I get visa on arrival?
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    Nancy - you need a visa prior to your arrival into Jordan.
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    Raj - you can obtain your visa on arrival.

    Please note that changes to visa regulations change rapidly here and you should always contact the relevant embassy for updated requirements
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    My fiance and I live in the UAE and she needs to perform a surgery in Jordan. We're flying into Jordan but the thing is we need to travel back to Dubai by road or water as her surgery does not permit her to travel by air for 6 weeks. 6 weeks is too long a period to stay in Jordan though. If we drive down from the UAE to Jordan and back, will it be a problem? Will we have any issues traveling through Saudi Arabia because we're not married? We both hold American passports.

    Please help!

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    what are the fees for a car to enter Jordan for 10-15 days from Saudi Arabia?
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    Hi Im brasilian living in UAE.
    I want to fly to Jordan and would like to know if i need a visa prior my arrival or i can get in the Jordanian airport.
    Many Thanks
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    hey nienie
    are you still reading this forum
    did you do the trip from oman to holland
    i m from belgium and i m living in oman now and bought a car here and we are also thinking about driving back

    if you want to help us with info
    that would be great

    [email protected]
    thanks peter
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    pls i wana know if a Nigerian with Dubai visa can enter jordan by air or Road, or will he get a visa at entering point. pls i need information.
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    you can also reply infor to my mali: [email protected]
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    Hi there, so I got a eply from the Jordanian embassy in the UK and they are saying that they can not help me in my VISA applications for some reason and iI need to go through a travel agent.. they refuse to give me further information and are very unhelpful despite me calling several times.

    Do you have any clue of the process for Nigerian passport holders.. I have British residency however.

    Let me know [email protected]
  • Hello,

    I am living and working in saudi arabia having pakistani passport.

    I am planning a trip to jorden by crossing the border by road from Turaif Saudi arabia.

    Kindly advise me about the procedure how can i manage to go there by road border?
  • @hissanali666
    You need to obtain a visa from the Jordan Embassy, you cannot cross at the border without it.

    Jordanian Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Diplomatic Quarter Third Circle
    P.O. Box 94316
    Riyadh 11693
    Saudi Arabia

    TELEPHONE (+966) 11 488 0071 / 39 / 51
    FAX (+966) 11 488 0072
    EMAIL [email protected]
    OFFICE HOURS 08.00-14.30
    HEAD OF MISSION Mr Jamal Shamayleh, Ambassador
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