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Where can you see the northern lights

Wondering where can you see the northern lights in Iceland or even in Greenland. Are there any cities or places better than others or can you just see them anywhere!


  • In general you can see the lights anyplace in Iceland or Greenland, given there few clouds and a solar storm is hitting earth at the time you want to see it. However it is important there is very little light pollution and the biggest cities e.g. Reykjavik are not really great for watching the northern lights. So to answer the guestion "where can you see the northern lights" I would recommend to simply drive outside of the main cities, rent some cottages or stay at some of the great northern lights hotels in Iceland. This post summarizes some of the most interesting places to go to in Iceland
  • I think it is actually a great idea to check see the northern lights in Greenland! It is close to Iceland so it should have similar possibilities. But I have heard it is very expensive to go there. Understandably as so few people fly there. I found this site to be very helpful
  • Yes I agree - Greenland is a great place to visit but expensive to fly there as you say. Also you are not having the greatest hotels in the world but on the other hand you have some of the greatest nature in the world over there:) And the people living there are very friendly. Just expect similar statistics as in Iceland for seeing the northern lights, but I dont think they have any official northern lights forecasting site as we have here in Iceland so probably best to use the one in Iceland. Look out for the general weather forecast to check out the cloud situation, but probably the locals will know more about it than anyone else:) I would definitely check out the dog sledding tours - a lot of fun and something you cant really experience anywhere else in the same way. Good luck.
  • Thanks a lot for all your help. Im thinking about Greenland but Im not
    sure. It is a large large country and I have no idea about anything
    there. Dont even know what language they speak over there or if they
    speak english at all. I could just be stuck there and nobody really
    knowing what I wanted:) Also I dont know what places are best for
    northern lights viewing in Greenland. Maybe they are all the same! Dont
    know. So I will most likely chose Iceland as a place to go to - any
    suggestions where to go and what do to?
  • If the question is "Where can you see the northern lights" the main focus needs to be on the best places to see the northern lights and the best places might also mean you need to think about what else you can do when the lights are not showing up. Given this then Iceland is probably one of the best places to visit, as it has endless natural wonders and landscape is like from another planet. Most of the time visitors come with big expectations for seeing the lights, but the fact is that the lights are not too easy to see. They only show up couple of times each month - I mean show up so you you think "woowww" - they show up many times just so you can barely see them, but that is not what you see on the northern lights photos you see in the tourist brochures. 
  • Im stilling thinking about to see the northern lights in Greenland. Been studying a lot of material on Greenland it simply facinating to say the least. All the locals living there and fighting the nature and weather every and each day is so different from our live here in Europe or USA! Just think about living there and catch seal for eating and your children. No Sainsbury or Tesco to go to. Just plain nature and nothing else really. However seeing the northern lights over there vs seeing them in Iceland is the big question. But as I said there might be so many other things to do in Greenland that is amazes me. Still Iceland has also a lot of things to do e.g. think about all the waterfalls e.g. Skogsfoss, Seljalandsfoss or Gullfoss - this is something you cant see in Greenland. Only glacier all over the place! In Iceland you can also go to the highlands as it is not just covered by ice as Greenland is. Dont know why someone calls Greenland greenland as it should have been Iceland as there is so much ice there. But that is something to study:)
  • Hi everyone, I'm aware viewing the northern lights comes down to how cloudy it gets so does anyone have any advice on whether the Westfjords ( Isafjordur) or perhaps Akureyri (North Iceland) would be the better choice?
    I have narrowed my choices down to these 2 areas so would appreciate any advice! :)
  • Well I would say there isnt a lot of difference between these two when it comes down to chances of seeing the northern lights. Other factors are much more important e.g. number of days you are staying in Iceland, when in the northern lights season you are visiting, what the aurora forecast says etc. However going to Iceland with the simple mission of seeing the aurora isnt a great ideas. You should plan to visit Iceland because Iceland has great nature and only look at the aurora as a nice bonus if you see them. Considering this then I would say the Westfjords to be far more interesting attraction. However take care as driving in the Westfjords in the winter time isnt really a easy drive sometimes. It can a snowstorm and would be stuck in a bad weather there for some days. 
  • Hi Evelina,

    In Greenland, the best place to view the northern lights are the airport at Kangerlussuaq. You can read more about it here:

    If you've already gone, I hope you had a good trip. :)
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