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Is it safe to island hop in the Philippines?

edited July 2013 in India and Asia
Hi all,
I've heard that piracy and kidnapping is a problem in the Philippines and was hoping somebody could give me some advice on whether it is safe to island hop by boat? Not quite sure where I'm going yet - still open to suggestions!


  • Hi Mike,
    Authorities in the Philippines are making an effort to make the archipelago safer for tourists and apparently the situation is improving, but there are still safety risks. Terrorist groups have threatened to attack passenger ferries and have attacked transport hubs in Mindanao. Many travel authorities warn against travel to the areas where the threat from terrorism and kidnapping is highest: central, southern and western Mindanao, Basilan, Tawi Tawi, Jolo and the Sulu archipelago. Care should also be taken in and around Palawan. There is a high risk from piracy in Philippine waters. Having said all that, island hopping is probably the best way to explore the country and if precautions are taken most visits are trouble free.
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