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Visa problem! SOS..

Hello, I am a student currently having my internship in Germany. My residence permit will end at 15th November somehow i wish to travel around europe for one two months after my internship period end.

I am a Malaysian and i can have 90 days visa free to travel entire europe.

I have went to the foreigner office for several times with the same question but the answer they told me different everytimes.

1. they said i must leave Germany then reenter again

2. They said i must leave Germany and must go back to malaysia then can come back as a tourist after 6 months.

3. My friend in Germany(different place) ask his local foreigner and the person told him he can stay as a tourist for 90 days after his residence permit expired

4. My friend in austria and prague said they can stay as their residence permit will convert to tourism visa once it expired.

Anyone know the exact law and regulation?

Ps > it is very important to me because i had booked a Europe trip after my residence permit expired and also my flight ticket from germany to Malaysia on 20 Jan 2013...

Really appreciate your help..
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