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Money in Australia: minimum funds required?

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I am travelling to Northern Territory in August and staying there for a month. The thing that bothers me is money. I read that I must have at least 10 thousand AU dollars to enter Australia. It's an awful lot of money! How do they check the amount if I decide to travel with my credit card only? Is it easy to cash travellers cheques and how much do banks charge for the operation?


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    No - you don't need that amount of money but you do need to provide proof to Australian customs and immigration that you can support yourself for the amount of time you are in Australia. A credit card and some cash will be fine. All banks cash travellers cheques but if you buy Amex or Thomas Cook you can cash at their offices without charges. You should look at some of the bank websites for their charges:, and

    Also you should look at the government website for the amount of money you should have:
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    Thank you very much Lesley - that will help a lot! Cheers,
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