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How does one get out of S Africa after losing all their money?

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My fiancé left on business Apr 2013 for a 1 month stay. To this day July 23, 2013 he still hasn't  left because of all the unforeseen charges and fees that S Africa has levied on his purchases. Now he is out of money and doesn't know what to do? Each day it cost more to stay there. How can a country make this happen? Anyone have any ideas where he can get help?  Even a temporary loan he would pay back once he returns home to the US of A.   justme2


  • Have you met this person face to face? My bet is no and you met on a dating chat room or social media website. This person then had to go overseas before you could meet.

    Then after on his way to the Airport he met with disaster. Either kidnapped, robbed, lost his ticket, or is hospital after an accident and the doctor or hospital contacted you because he needed money to pay for his medical bill.   This is usually the case with online romance scams.

    There is NO SUCH THING as a BTA or PTA or money to show airport when travelling --- no matter what they refer to is as it does NOT exhist! It is made up by the scammers to get as much money out of you as they can.

    Hope you have not sent any money and if you follow advice from all areas about romance scams --stop communicating with the criminal (your supposed fiance) immediatly! As well as anyone else that has been emailing and contacting you in regard to this.(More than likely it is the same person or one of his many accomplices in the interent cafe in Ghana. This will save you heartache and more money out of your pocket.

    Hope this helps you please message back if you have any other issues or questions regarding this.

  • What unforeseen charges and fees has he been hit with? South Africa is a popular tourist destination and the tourist infrastructure is generally pretty good; whereas in some less developed African countries travellers are often hit with surprise airport fees and the like. Tax on purchases is pretty standard in SA as well. I would be interested to hear what exactly has happened?
  • Agreed, this sounds very fishy to me. I've lived in South Africa for nearly 10 years and have never heard of anything like this!
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    The men I am involved with go by the name Dave Warman, his profile linked as Joel Stamp, and Micheal Woods, haven't stumbled on much about him.  All either gold miners or diamonds.  I've lost over $80K, the last of my 401k savings. Yes I was a fool, but still I'm not sure because they are so believable. How can I be sure that they are scammers? It's been since March. If they are legit, I would feel bad if they are truly stuck there in S Africa and Ghana. I'm out of money, struggling myself now, so I don't have any more money to send either, but I still can't stop feeling guilty.


  • Hi justme2

    I was also contacted by a supposed 'Dave Warman' in South Africa. Into gold and diamonds and minerals, via Christians Online (dating service - on that website he said he was from Melbourne Australia). He wanted to come and visit me in Australia but wanted me to pay half the airfare. I said no. I asked for him to send me a copy of his drivers licence and it was FAKE! Typing was all wrong and signature was John Smith!!! And the licence said "American Republic" - America are not a republic!!! I'm sorry you have lost so much money!

    He stopped communication with me now because I won't give him money! Pus he has a strong dark-skinned African accect that doesn't match his white photo. VERY FAKE!!!

    Be VERY careful with on-line stuff.


  • Why would you call someone your fiancé when you have never met them, Why would you send money to a person you had not met, It is so easy to find information on line to show how these scammers operate and yet people desperate for a relationship are taken in over and over again.
  • Alethia......I guess when they have you so wrapped around their fingers, it's easy to fall into a fantasy world., especially when you have been so lonely for so long. I guess I just trusted him so much because of the letters and chat. He never called so I didn't have a voice to rely on.
  • Has anyone been contacted by a Paul Fernandez like this?
    Tells me he's got money from a job but bank want a fee to release his money.
    Showed ma an online bank account.
    Says he's from UK but stuck in cape town.
  • Also told me about a bank called pinnacle trust. Anyone got any info on this bank. Is it legitimate?
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    This sounds like a scam and you should have nothing to do with this man. If he is British he should have a British bank account and if he has problems in South Africa he should go to the British Embassy. 

    Banks take their fees upfront, that is they take any fees from the money in the bank account, they do not ask people to pay extra fees to release money.

    There is no Pinnacle Trust bank in the USA, UK or South Africa but there is a company called Pinnacle Trust Investments which is in Nigeria !

  • Definitely sounds like a scam curvylady. Cape Town is a modern city with all the amenities you would expect - the banking system is reliable and the embassies and police are easily reached for assistance. I am a South African and I have never heard of Pinnacle Trust. Do not send him money!
  • I think ur a scam artist. I live in south africa. And thers no such bull!
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