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More information needed on getting married in Tunisia between Italian female and Tunisian male

edited July 2013 in - Tunisia
Hello everyone

I know this has been discussed before, however I need some additional information or clarification on what we need to do to get married in Tunisia.   
I actually have 2 passports - an Italian passport and an Australian passport as that's where I was born.  I want to use my Italian passport to get married so that my husband and I can travel into Europe on my Italian passport via a family permit.... that's a different discussion. 

My understanding on what we need to do to get married is the following

- I need a certificate of no impediment which I can get issued from the Italian embassy before I go to Tunisia.   Does it need an apostille stamp? Any time limit?

- original long birth certificate no older than 21 days.  Does that need an apostille stamp?  And is it 21 days from the actual wedding date?  I was going to get mine issued at the end of October as that's when I would be leaving for overseas - will that be a problem, since we're getting married mid Dec?  Also, my birth certificate will be issued from Australia as that's where I was born.  Will that be an issue if my passport is issued in Italy and my birth certificate in Australia? 

- we both need blood tests done in tunisia

- our passports. Should and can I use both my Australian and Italian passport?  As my surname is spelt slightly different on each and I would like both spellings on my marriage certificate as I will need to register my wedding in both Italy and Australia after we get married. Will the fact that my italian passport surname is spelt different than my Australian birth certificate be an issue or stop me from being able to use my italian passport and italian CONI?

- all these need to be translated in French or Arabic and I need to do this in Tunisia.  Is that right?

Is there anything else that we need?

It's the next steps that confuse we more.

Where do we take all these forms?  To the embassy or the municipality/city hall that is going to marry us? How far in advance do we need to contact the municipality of where we want to get married to set and confirm a date? Do we need the paperwork to book and set a date or do we just submit everything on the day? Are there any other forms that we need to complete or any interviews that we need to attend prior to our wedding? Or is everything checked and completed on the day?

Apologies for all the questions, but I just want to make sure we get it right and not running around at the last moment as we will have enough to do just getting our blood tests done and my documentation translated.

Thank you for all your help!!

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