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Anyone involved with any of these men? I need to know if they are scammers?

edited July 2016 in - General Africa
The men I am involved with go by the name Dave Warman, his profile linked as Joel Stamp, and Micheal Woods, haven't stumbled on much about him.  All either gold miners or diamonds.  I've lost over $80K, the last of my 401k savings. Yes I was a fool, but still I'm not sure because they are so believable. How can I be sure that they are scammers? It's been since March. If they are legit, I would feel bad if they are truly stuck there in S Africa and Ghana. I'm out of money, struggling myself now, so I don't have any more money to send either, but I still can't stop feeling guilty.


  • Sorry, it is a bit difficult to trust people these days ... so whenever you doubt just be careful
  • What reason are these men giving for being stuck in South Africa and Ghana? Unfortunately this forum is full of stories of people being scammed in similar ways and your version sounds pretty standard. If you have already lost that much money and have nothing to show for it, how can you doubt they are scammers?
  • No doubt they are
  • Well the mystery is over. The Micheal Woods confessed on Dec 26, 2014 that he, indeed, is a scammer. He said he's a young black man from Ghana. He pleaded for forgiveness. Guess he's as crazy as me, but at least I now know for sure. Have to say, he was very good at it. Only thing I don't understand is that he had a German accent and had such a sweet soft spoken voice. I still hurt over this 2 year drama. The other guy, Dave Warman has returned to the USA, but I haven't met him yet. Dating sites are so corrupted these days. There are so many scammers on them. Now, anyone that says hi to me, I assume is a scammer, especially if the wording is off.
  • The old saying if it seems too good to be true, then it surely is!! Unfortunately this type of scam is on the way up. Ladies and gents... Please. If you are contacted out of the blue by someone who says they love from the beginning and then ask for money - RUN like mad. No genuine person would ever ask for money. Never, never, never send anyone money. For whatever reason, never!!
  • Been there, I got this man saying he is from Aberdeen Scotland but realized so quickly that he was a scam. He was supposed to send me gifts and asked for money to get the shipment to me. When I told him he was a scam he was so mad that he insulted. Be careful they are everywhere
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