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Russian-speaking travel agencies and tours - Frankfurt or Erfurt area

Can anyone help with info on Russian language tour operators or travel agencies working in Frankfurt (Main) or Erfurt area of Germany. They specialize in several-days tours across Europe in all destinations, but I wasn't able to find any info (phone, e-mail, URL link) on them. Greatly appreciate any help.


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    Have your tried:
    + 49 (0)69 / 25 666 810
    They claim to be Russian Language TOs...
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    Do not use this agency!!!
    I have tried this agency ( which is called "Levitin Reisen", and was very disappointed.
    They offer bus tours for an expensive price (compared with other bus tours of this class), but the quality of their service is very low. The toilets in the buses never work. They put people in the cheapest 1* hotels or 2* hotels, claiming that they use 3* hotels. They only speak German and Russian, and do not speak English. Therefore, when any problems occur in non-German-speaking countries, they can not help to solve any problems. The excursions are OK, since they have hired good guides. However, for that price you can take any excursions on your own. They cheat with money and with their service. Avoid the agency "Levitin Reisen". NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS!
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    Hi, I am interested in finding a russian touroperator in Spain. If you know any, please tell me!!!

    Will apreciate your help
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    I've went on a tour called:
    ??? ?????? ?????. ?????????, ????????, ???????????
    which was in late June, 2010
    this tour company is the lowest of the low by any standard.
    - breakfast in the hotel they arranged.
    - they have water/pop/hot dogs on board.
    - seats are preassigned depending on when you bought a tour.
    - air conditioner in the bus is hardly working, and it was a heat wave in Germany in summer 2010
    - they ask you not to use toilet on board (why to advertise it!!!!!!)
    - tour guide we had, Yuriy Lurie, is rude. The facts he was telling we questionable. I can't say I didn't learn anything from the tour, but many facts were on the level of BS, tales, etc. You have to be really naive and uneducated (on par with Yuriy Lurie) to enjoy his tour.
    - we had kids in our party, I've asked tour guide about discount. He simply ignored me, even though he was buying attraction tickets and there was discount for children. Not flexible!
    - They deviate from the program at their own liking, excuse we were given is "we missed turn".
    - They don't accomodate for meal breaks, only constant bathroom breaks, which becomes annoying. Unless you carry food supply for two days prepare for constant junk food/ice cream or starvation. Before departure for hotel we asked to call hotel and ask if there is a restaurant nearby. He refused to do it, saying he doesn't have their phone.
    It could go on and on, I can't believe that long awaited two days in Switzerland became a nightmare.
    I've heard VICTORIA Reisen is a better and less expensive agency. And the stop in Frankfurt to pick up people.
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    The agency I've previously used was UAS Frankfurt. Great service, was really happy with how quickly they've organized my visa and trip to Ukraine last summer, plus got a good deal.
    their website is
    tel: 069 75 60 79 0
    Hope this helps.
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    Was before eurotours-reise. Another one is clip-touristic. Both ware/are in Hannover . tried regrets.
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