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UK tourist visa for Argentinians


I would love to get some advice about my current situation!

I am Argentinian and was a student in the UK but my student visa has expired on May 2013. Before that, I have left the country but in June 2013 I came back.  
At the UK Border desk in the airport the officer stamp my passport with the date of my arriving and then he added the reference number of my expired student visa. He didnt add any detail about the length of my stay. 

As Argentinian I know that we can stay up to 6 months in the UK but as I was a student and also as I dont have any stamp in my passport I am not sure about it! I was trying to contact the UK Border without any success and all the legal advice seems to be too expensive. 

Hope someone can help me! 
Really want to know how long I can stay! 
Many thanks!!


  • As an Argentinian you are given a visa valid for 6 months when you enter the UK

    You did not overstay your student visa or make any problems and you have alrewady been back for a visit after your student visa finished so I see no problem with you entering the UK again.
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