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Safety in Nepal

edited August 2013 in Far East Asia
How safe is Nepal for tourists? I'm desperate to go but I've heard a few horror stories. Its hiking in the mountainous north that I'm interested in...


  • Hi Sally,
    Actually most visits to Nepal are trouble free but there is a general threat from terrorism and trekkers must take safety precautions. You should use a reputable tour agency, stick to well-known hiking routes and never trek alone (the bigger the group the safer you are). There have been armed robberies on some routes and sometimes groups demand 'tax' from tourists before letting them pass - having a guide helps with these issues and will make you feel safer.
  • Yes In my opinion Nepal is full secure place but If you are thinking about general condition if you are thinking about political situation then it's not. People are so friendly there.. I am sure you enjoy the trip in Nepal.
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