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Can someone please help we are so stressed with brick walls we just need answers to simple questions

edited August 2013 in - Turkey

We are getting legally married in England the day before we travel to Turkey Antalya. We would like to have our wedding 'blessed or vows renewed ' during our stay with, in full wedding attire with the children who have no idea we will be married when we travel. All the information we can find is about weddings and no one seems to know the answers to the following questions,

1) can this be done?
2) where locally do we contact to arrange this ourselves
3) Who would conduct the service? We will already be married so would we need a registrar?
4) I understand you can get married anywhere in Antalaya, surely a blessing is easier to arrange?
5) are their any rules and regulations we need to adhere to?
6) we have tried to contact the hotel direct but the language barrier is proving tricky in explaining what we want? Any tips?
7) we are happy to travel within Antalaya for the ceremony and return to the hotel for the evening as there are only 6 of us and will not be further guests, we want to keep the ceremony simple.

Our dream was to get married in Turkey however the procedure was too complex which is why we would like this ceremony, can you please help us, The travel agent say they can not help as the hotel we booked is not one of their wedding venues, any advice will be gratefully appreciated


  • Is there no one who can help ? :(
  • I'm not sure about who to contact, but if it isn't an official 'legal' ceremony you don't need a registrar... in fact it could be conducted by just about anyone.
  • Thank you Anya, yes we've been told it doesn't need to be a registrar however the language barrier is a problem so can't seem to get anywhere, will need permission from the hotel I expect but we do want someone who knows what there doing, it's so hard to know how to go about greeting A person to run the ceremony for us
  • Hi Daznjux

    I suggest you contact Aysun. She is Turkish lady who lives in Antalya and she will be able to help and advise you. She is a fluent English speaker and is very nice and very helpful.image She has her own website where you can contact her.

    You don't have to marry in a hotel there are lots of locations to have your blessing.
    There are Christian Churches in Antalya

    A blessing from a Muslim Imam will certainly be no problem. Some friends in Turkey hired a boat and had a blessing and party on the boat. 
    Hope your dreams come true.
  • How wonderful thank you so much for your reply and kind advice x
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