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Travelling to Galapagos and Antarctica

Hi! Travelling first time to Galapagos and Antarctica .Could someone give advise on weather and precautions needed before landing in these places .


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    Galapagos Islands are dry with a steady year-round average temperature of 77ºF (25ºC).
    A yellow fever certificate is required from those arriving from infected areas, and is recommended for everyone entering Ecuador (Presumably leaving from Quito to Galapagos). It is advisable to take seasickness tablets on a Galapagos boat cruise.

    Summer (late November to March) is the only time when tourists can visit Antarctica and even then temperatures are close to freezing along the coastal regions. The Antarctic Peninsula has the most moderate climate, with temperatures averaging from 5°F to 60°F (-15°C to 16°C). December and January are the warmest months and can have up to 20 hours of sunshine a day.
    Extreme cold temperatures and wind chill can lead to hypothermia. Due to the thin ozone layer it is essential that a high protection sunscreen be worn, and the glare from the ice and water necessitates the wearing of sunglasses.

    Happy travels!
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