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egypt visa application

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We are travelling to Egypt in July and need to know the best way to get a visa. On th embassy web sit it said that we need to apply in person in London. Is this correct, if not what is the best way.


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    I've visited Egypt twice this year, on each occaision I bought my visa at Cairo airport, very quick and very simple. change your £ at the bank get your visa at the next window. 10min max !
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    Joe - depending on your nationality you are able to obtain your visa on arrival at the airport. As Lloyd has advised, change your money at one window and get your visa at the next.
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    Hi, my girlfriend and I are travelling to Sharm in August, but have heard you require a visa if you want to travel to other areas of the country, for example visiting the pyramids. What is needed? Is it easiest just to buy a visa once in the Eygption airport and have it for piece of mind? Thanks
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