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Travel on motorbike through Pakistan to Iran

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Hi Pakistan experts, I am travelling from Bali to Holland on a small
motorbike. I also want to travel through Pakistan to Iran. Is there some
kind of meeting point to travel as a group for our safety? Maybe in
Lahore? I hope to be there in October.  Please advice me! Thank you!


  • Hey gabelferink don't be afraid. In my opinion Pakistan and iran not a dangerous country to visit. I don't understand why people said that the pakistan people acceptingus as a tourisst even Iraniansstill have the idea of accepting you as a guest in stead of a tourist. Just be careful regarding the border crossing, visa application, paper work, security issues.

    Enjoy your motorbike and have a fun!!!!
  • edited September 2013
    Thanks Susee, I know that these country's have very kind people, but the Syrian situation might change things in Pakistan and Iran. I rather travel with a group through these countries. I am travelling alone now. It would be nice if we could travel as a group from Lahore. Thanks again for your positive comment! greetings, Gerard
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