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Women in Tunisia now

edited September 2013 in - Tunisia

I am moving to Tunisia tomorrow for an internship and I wanted to know if it is safe for women there, if we can walk at night, take taxis etc!

I will be living in La Marsa, which I heard was more relaxed but I will be working on the city center and wanted to know if, for example, I could take a taxi home at night!




  • Hi there,
    From what I have heard, La Marsa is one of the safer areas as it is quite upmarket and is basically a beach resort for locals. Generally tourist and holiday areas are a bit safer for women so La Marsa should be pretty friendly. However, you should exercise caution, dress conservatively and try not to walk in remote or dangerous areas alone anywhere in Tunisia as foreign women often have to put up with some degree of harassment, especially if they are dressed inappropriately, and the crime rates are fairly high (and rising in recent months according to the US State Department). The best thing to do is talk to as many locals as possible when you settle in, and find out from them which areas to avoid, the best mode of transport, how you should dress and behave etc. Locals always know best!
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