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West Lagos scams

edited October 2013 in Africa
Hi there,
I as of recent...responded to a girl who goes by the Name lora ...lora park. She (probably a he , judging the other scams going on) claims to be from Phoenix and studying zoology in West Lagos Africa. I had my intuitive doubts from the asking all the right questions and of course her being able to lie very well! I work and have worked as sort of a private investigator and know this is a scam. Beware guys and girls out there who are sicerely trying to meet other good people online. Like myself Im sure you were not having luck out on the town meeting people so you decided to give online dating sites like Match and Zoosk a try. Be between the lines and dont fall for people online outside the continental U.S! What upsets me is these scammers have no impunity and both thier and our countrie's officials are not doing more to crack down on these people! Anyway be safe out there and best of luck!
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