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Is St. Maarten under US ?

edited October 2013 in - General Caribbean

Just want to know if St. Maarten under US ? and how much couple need to survive there a month ?


  • im australian citizen born in Syria , i was granted a visa waiver at los angelos airport [email protected] visa for 6 month i,m taking cruise frrom Fort Lauderdale to Bahama, St Thomas , st Maartin , Nassau do i need a visa. I have Australian Passport. Thanks
  • Dear halifl1,

    1.) Why are you posting a thread that's almost 3 years old? Why aren't you making your own Original Post?

    2.) In any case as an Australian citizen you don't need a Visa for a short term tourist visit to any of those three destinations. (Bahamas and Nassau is the same place. Look at a map.)

    Lastly, this is a super simple question that you should be Googling yourself instead of trusting a stranger on the Internet. At the very least you could ask your cruise ship company.

    Have fun.

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