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First visit To City of Tunis

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About to venture on my first visitand wondering why the hotel has emailed me to say that Sim Cards are available to purchase at the airport. 
Is this to signify that the European GSM systems do not operate In Tunisia? 

Any good tips on what to see besides Carthage and the major Mosques please?

Thank you 

Jim Doolan, Dublin,  Ireland,


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    You can use GSM phones  in Tunisia, but as you knowing "roaming" is expensive, so I take a spare phone and put in a Tunisian sim much cheaper.

    Sidi Bou Said the pretty blue and white "artist" town is well worth a visit. Paul Klee, August Mackie are just two of the famous artists who lived there. The town has been the home of artists , philosophers and writers Built on a steep cliff the views over the Mediterranean are phenomenal. 

    Every Friday the coastal town of Nabeul hosts the camel market. Nabeul is the centre of the Tunisian pottery industry as well as stone carvers and weavers.

    Kerkouane is fascinating and in my opinion a much larger and more interesting site than Carthage. The Kerkouane ruins are from the Punic period circa 4the century BC. Kerkouane is UNESCO world heritage site as they are the only known Phonecian ruins.

    About 2 hours from Tunis is another UNESCO world heritage site, the largest Colosseum in North Africa the 
    amphitheatre at El Jem. Well worth a visit .

    Enjoy your holiday
  • Wow! Thank you Alethia. Superb suggestions on sites I had not known of. I will paint in watercolours during my visit and will endeavor to visit Sidi Bou Said and the Nabeul Market. I will adopt your method also for use of my phone while in Tunisia. Thank you for such good advice. I am so pleased with youjr suggestions. Kind Regards.
    Jim Doolan
  • Hi! During my visit to Tunis, I used Travelsim. It's international roaming prepaid sim-card, you just insert it into your phone and after that it's ready to make calls. Was very conviniet, you might wanna try it too.
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