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Hello i am married to Tunisian man i need some information plz

edited October 2013 in - Tunisia
Hello all I am a Canadian woman married to tunisan man since Feb. 8 2012 and i was wondering can i go live there with him? Ive been back in Canada trying to get him to come here but the red tape my goodness, as we have an age difference it seems to be a bit of a barrier but we love each other regardless of the age and i am not giving up but i wanted to know if i can go there for a while, if  its possible.


  • Hi, monimm of course you can live in Tunisia but I wonder how long your marriage will last when his family starts interfering and he finds he cannot go to Canada. Any way have a look at this forum,
    It is an extremely helpful forum and the majority of the members are married to Tunisians and many live in Tunisia.
    Good luck
  • Thnx so much :)
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