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adress ambassade tunisienne in america or adress office immagration in america pleaaaaaaaaz

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i need  know how i can go to tunisia and what the information and i have green card and my passport mexican i want married there i need know too what the paper for married there


  • Lass here is the web site of the US Embassy in Tunisia.
    As you are not yet a US citizen you should contact them as to how you should proceed. 
  • thanks but i need know the paper for married and it's posibel get the tcm for married in ambassed america or no
  • and this site web for the citzen im resident pleas tell mee how i can do 

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    Lass,  Specially designated Notaries at the City Hall Registry Office “Bureau de l’Etat Civil a la Municipalite” perform marriages in Tunisia. Only marriages celebrated before such an official in compliance with Tunisian Law No. 57 August 1, 1957, as amended are legal.
    One of the most important documents you need is proof that you are free to marry. In Europe this is known as a certificate if non impediment  CONI or a Nulla Osta  
    The USA does not have a CONI they have a special Affidavit sworn at the US Embassy in Tunisia. However whilst you live in the USA you are a Mexican citizen so I suggest you contact the Mexican Embassy in Tunisia.
    Mexico Embassy , Tunisia

    25 Chemin El Bakri, Ben Aknoun 
    [email protected]

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    Sorry Lass, I had to provide the information in 2 posts

    Here is a list of documents for both of you:-
    Certified copy of your Birth Certificate dated within 3 months, divorce papers  or death certificate of previous spouse (if applicable),
    Proof you are free to marry 
    Medical Certificate This is a medical certificate establishing eligibility to contract marriage. This certificate must have a maximum validity of two months at the time of marriage. Each party must be free of any contagious diseases (primarily tuberculosis and syphilis), alcoholism and mental illness. The City Hall in Tunis or all other cities will provide this. . All doctors practicing in Tunisia are authorized to perform these medical examinations.
    Your documents must be translated into French or Arabic.(your Embassy can do this or there are reputable local translators)
    Your fiance should know where the local registry office is for your wedding or wherever you plan to hold the ceremony. He should also know where to go for the medicals.
    By the way, before you are married you and your fiance cannot share a hotel room.So your fiance should make some arrangements for your accommodation.
    Good luck.
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