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female travelling alone in Morocco

edited October 2013 in - North Africa
Im planning to travel to rabat,morocco but still unsure for which im traveling alone and i know its a muslim country. Well anyways Im a 22 y.o mexican/arabic female from california and was wondering is it pricey to be around the area for which my plane ticket is costing me around 2,100$ usd. & do i have to coverup or is there a certian way to dress? Is it safe for me to travel alone?


  • Morrocco is a wonderful country and Rabat is built on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. You do not say how long you will be staying and in what type of accommodation.

    As a young single woman you maybe best staying with a family or in a room or apartment check out airbnb this is a well known and reputable site.

    You do not have to cover up, many Morroccan women dress like Europeans, however, DO NOT wear shorts, skimpy tops or mini skirts.Wear long skirts or dresses, slacks, combats, jeans but wear a top with sleeves, even short sleeves but be conservative. 

    This blog is excellent and explains everything for the lone woman in Morocco

    For an idea of the cost of living in Rabat have a look at the Numbeo website

    Have a good trip
  • Alethia....thank you so much for the information, ill be in morocco for about a little over a week. And will be going by myself, but was going to see a young man....his a police officer in rabat, morocco , but im gonna be by muself most of the week and was wondering is it a pricey place? 
  • there is a lot of sightseeing in Rabat that is free and there is the beach also the little blue taxis are inexpensive and sometimes they pickup other passengers. If you check out the cost of living link you will see the prices in dollars. An cheap meal is around $4-5 dollars ( they make great sandwiches in Morocco with fresh baguettes)
  • Alethia......thank you so much for all your great advice, it is truly helpfully and i appreciate you taking the time to respond to my post. I hope all is well and you take care, your an awesome person...thanks once again (: 
  • Your most welcome, I hope you have a lovely time  :)
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