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Holiday in Spain

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I am hankering for a holiday in Spain but after a little research the options for Spanish holidays are quite overwhelming! Although I would love to visit some great beaches it will primarily be a cultural sort of holiday and I would like to visit at least one of the big cities. But which?! All advice welcome!


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    You would need many holidays to fully explore Spain! You've already narrowed it down considerably by opting to visit a city and enjoy cultural stuff as opposed to staying at one of the many famous beach resorts. My recommendation would be to use Barcelona as a base - the city is just amazing! So much to see and do. And there are many great destinations nearby for excursions. I assume its your first trip to Spain? Barcelona is a good place to start. There are many other special cities though... Have a look through this travel guide to Spain and see what appeals to you.
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    I like Barselona most of all! 
    The most popular sights and attractions in Barcelona:
    1. Temple de la Sagrada Familia
    2. CosmoCaixa Barcelona
    3 . CaixaForum Barcelona
    4. Barcelona aquarium
    5. Museu FC Barcelona, Camp Nou
    6. Poble Espanyol
    7 . La Pedrera (Casa Mila) 
    8. Museu Picasso
    9. Fundació Joan Miró
    10. Barcelona Zoo

    Also if you want to know more about spanish culture I advise you to visit The Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  It is a national holiday and has a distinct feel of being the start of the Christmas period in Barcelona.
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    My friend and I are also going to Barcelona for the holidays
    I was advised to stay
    Maybe somebody had experience with it .... Or suggest anything else, please!
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    You have the 3 big cities to get you
    started with Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Each one is bea
    utiful and
    stands on its own right. You also have the smaller places like Toledo, Seville
    or Granada that are lovely as well. But as another comment already said, you
    need time to explore Spain.

    In regards to bredwanderer question, I
    have not use the service you mention, but it really depends on what type of
    accommodation you are looking for, if a hostel, hotel or self-catered.

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    Spain is the best
    place in Europe to visit for all purpose. Like Photography, Underwater
    Diving, Sky Diving and a beautiful view of mountains. Most important is
    Tamato Festival and Bull Racing.
    Madrid is best place to visit in Spain. Madrid's Galleries, Madrid Monuments & Landmarks, Museums etc are best place in Madrid.

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    For sure you will be extremely satisfied with holidays in Barcelona. Lots of people decide to come back to explore this city! It is impossible to visit everything being only once in Barcelona. Anyway, it is worth spending much time there.
  • Barelona is one of the greatest cities in the world, I mean it. I liked everything there, even despite the tropical heat (which I'm not usually a fan of;). One piece of advice I'd give to anyone is: if you're going only for one day - don't. You will be too upset to leave;) Stay AT LEAST a week (though it still won't be enough;).
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    Have you considered an island maybe? Mallorca is a lovely cultural place and has brilliant beaches. There are also some beautiful caves. Let me know if you fancy it I know a great place for a great price.
  • I'll be happy if I could go to Spain now first of all I'll visit Antonio Gaudi buildings in Barcelona, for example Sagrada Familia, Casa Vicens, Güell Pavilions, Cassa Batlo, Park Guell... and etc. 
  • Barcelona is a best one option and have following attractions to see there-
    La Sagrada Familia Church
    Magic Fountain Show
    Barceloneta Beach
    Camp Nou Stadium
    Park Guell Park
    La Rambla Boulevard
    Montserrat Mountain
    Montjuic – Botanical Gardens
  • Spain is a beautiful country and it has an impressive history.I like it so much because i,m a tourist also an history lover.On my tour to Spain in 2010,I carried a lot of historic and informative stuff from Spain.I went to it in my holidays.Its a best place to visit or spend your holidays there.
  • I go to beautiful Calpe, Spain every year, fly to Alicante...great weather, delicious food, beautiful beach and some history of Roman baths and Pennon de Ifache, where ever you decide to go I'm sure it'll be brilliant.
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    Hi there! 
    I agree with most of the comments above, Barcelona is the place to go. You've got all the cultural sites plus fabulous beaches, not only in the actual city of Barcelona, but the Costa Brava and Costa Daurada, which are just miles away from the capital. 
  • hi can anyone help me plzzz....... my passport runs out 06/01/2016 & im flying to spain (Majorca) for 3 nights do I need to renew my passport before I go?
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    hi can anyone help me again plzz.... my passport runs out 06/01/2106 & im getting married in September & we are going on our honeymoon 3rd week of September NOT sure on destination yet? do I need to renew my passport?
  • Hi charl.77,
    It totally depends on your destination. Your nationality is also relevant. Although it is generally recommended that you have six months validity on your passport when travelling internationally, not all countries enforce this rule. Rather than limit yourself when it comes to destinations though, why not just get it renewed? You have plenty of time if you do it now.
  • Chari.77 until you decide where your going for your honeymoon you wont know how long your passport is required to be valid. I agree with Ella get a new passport while you have time.
  • Renew it.

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    I would agree with Ella as well! You should definitely get a new passport.
    BTW I was in Spain for my honeymoon as well and we stayed in Madrid. It was wonderful! So many beautiful things to see. As romantic as it could get. Hope you'll have a wonderful honeymoon!

    Cheers Molly
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    you should definitely go for Alicante: a province with a capital city of the same name, located in southern region of Valencia. Alicante is one of the fastest growing cities in Spain. The economy is based on tourism, wine production and export of fruit and olive oil. Alicante is an ancient city and was founded by the Greeks 324 BC , The city was later ruled by both the Romans and the Moors. Alicante is great for the Mediterranean and has a bit of everything to offer.

  • You may choose from the following-
    1 Madrid.
    2 Barcelona.
    3 Toledo.
    4 Seville.
    I hope, That will be helpful for you. With best wishes.
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